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7 Common Characteristics of Autistic Children

7-common-characteristics-of-autistic-childrenIt is the duty of every parent to know the process of child development. Therefore, if you are familiar with the characteristics of children with autism, which generally occurs. So if you have symptoms of an autistic child, you can still maximize growth. Here are seven characteristics that you can detect autism in children.

Impaired Social Skills

Autism is related disorders social skills sufferers interact differently with people in general. At the level of mild symptoms, characteristics of autism that emerges is looked awkward when connect with other people, issued a comment that is offensive to others, and looked deserted when gathered with others.

People with autism with serious levels of autism symptoms usually do not like to interact with others. They also tend to avoid eye contact. In kids, the symptoms of autism such as social impairments have been visible and disinterest on the game between each other and difficult to share and play alternately.

Difficulty empathizing

Very difficult for children with autism to understand the feelings of others, so they rarely empathize with others. They are also difficult to identify and understand body language or tone of speech. When talking with others, communication tends to be one way for their more talking about himself. The ability to empathize can be trained and increase if they are routinely reminded to learn to think of the feelings of others.

Dislikes physical contact

Unlike most other children, some children with autism hate if they are touched or hugged. But, not all show the same symptoms. Most children with autism happy hug.

Dislikes loud noises, some scents and bright light

Children with autism generally disturbed by loud noises that shocking, changing light conditions, and sudden changes in temperature. It is believed that makes them feel disturbed is a sudden change, so they could not prepare beforehand. For children with autism, informing them about something that will happen proved to be beneficial for them.

Speech disorders

The characteristics of autism you can also detection by knowing the power of speech in children. Of some children with autism can not speak or can only say a few words.  Approximately 25-30% can speak a few words at the age of 12-18 months, but later lost the ability to speak. Intonation autism when talking normally tend to be flat and they also like to repeat certain words or sentences.

Likes to repeat his behavior

Children with autism like things to be sure that they enjoy the same routine continuously or frequently take action over and over. Changes in the daily routine will be very disturbing for them. These repeated actions may vary and are known as stimulating activities (stimming). as well as usually becomes an obsession for people with autism.

Unbalanced development

Child development in general is balanced, meaning that development encompasses many factors and gradual. On the contrary, development in children with autism tend to be unbalanced, developments in the field occur rapidly but are constrained in other fields. For example, the development of cognitive abilities occurs rapidly but is still hampered speech or speech development occurs rapidly but is still hampered motor ability.

Thus some health problems in your child. Hopefully the above article helpful.

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Sending a father son To Live in Rural, This is what Happens When Children That You Home

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Have you hugged you today?

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Conversation Bride

Short Story Benny Arnas (Koran Tempo, January 31, 2010)


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Mengenal Konsep Dasar MTV Bahasa indonesia

Pendaftar baru di Paidverts bisa langsung DI SINI

Kalau mau gabung di grup Paidverts Team Indonesia bisa join DI SINI

KONSEP DASAR MTV ( mytrafficvalue )

Idenya adalah mengumpulkan dana bersama ( crowdfunding ) dan menggunakan dananya untuk membangun atau membuat produk – produk yang menguntungkan ( profitable ) seperti game, aplikasi, periklanan dan apa saja

Keuntungan dari produk – produk tersebut digunakan untuk membayar kembali investor ( mulai dari investor awal sampai investor akhir )

Masing – masing produk harus menghasilkan keuntungan 3,6 X biaya pengembangan ( development cost ) sebelum dibayarkan penuh kepada seluruh investor

Setelah sebuah produk menghasilkan keuntungan lebih dari 3,6 X biaya pengembangan, produk tersebut menjadi aset dari sistem ( bebas hutang/debt free ) dan membantu membayar kembali investor dengan lebih cepat

Semakin banyak produk yang selesai dengan “biaya pengembangan”, semakin banyak dana yang terkumpul untuk mendanai produk baru, membayar investor dan dana cadangan Continue reading “Mengenal Konsep Dasar MTV Bahasa indonesia”

4 Alat gratis yang harus di kuasai oleh Media Promosi

Untuk mencapai kesuksesan yang besar seorang blogger mampu menguasai media promosi secara tepat dan sempurna. Beberapa perusahaan menyadari bahwa media sosial mampu menggaet pelanggan besar secara online. Memulai penggunaan secara efektif di facebook, twitter dan lain sebagainya.

Bersumber dari salah satu survei 79% perusahaan besar sekarang menggunakan media sosial untuk mempromosikan barang mereka. Tapi di samping itu masih banyak lagi yang belum paham cara promosi di media sosial secara tepat dan singkat. Continue reading “4 Alat gratis yang harus di kuasai oleh Media Promosi”

Cara Daftar di paidverts Terbaru 2015

Sebelum melangkah lebih jauh lebih baik kita mengenal  “Paidverts”

Paidverts adalah situs PTC yaitu situs yang membayar orang yang mengklik iklan di situs ini. Cuman disini ada sistem unik yang membedakan paidverts dengan yang lainya yaitu sistem BAP bonus ads points.perusahan ini paidverts berdiri 2010 dan sampe sekarang masih legit dan belum pernah scam .

PaidVerts adalah iklan affiliate.. Iklan program Paid akan dikirimkan ke akun sobat sehari-hari. Yang harus sobat lakukan adalah menyalin 3 baris teks, lalu sobat akan di bayar $ (pembayarannya bervariasi) contohnya liat Screen shoot di bawah! Continue reading “Cara Daftar di paidverts Terbaru 2015”